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  Jan 6-17, 2016 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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  Feb 12-14, 2016 in Baranquilla, Colombia
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April 6-16, 2016 in Phuket, Thailand
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What is Jedi Fight Club?

Jedi Fight Club is a playful name for a 1-2 week long clinic designed to deepen yoga asanas. At JFC people learn a style of training that entails a daily yoga practice plus a series of "homework" exercises that focus on backward bending. These exercises can be practiced year round as a complement to your yoga practice. Further, we create a community environment that is fun and conducive to deep yogic exploration. Jedi Fight Club also offers Weekend introductions as a fun way to be introduced to this style of training to see if it is the right thing for you.

JFC developed along side the yoga asana championships that were introduced into the USA in 2003. While preparing for yoga competitions, several students of Mary Jarvis began to dedicate themselves to extended hours of training. Caught up in the fun and excitement of yoga exploration, some would sustain a yoga routine of 7 or more hours a day for weeks and even months at a time.

Mary Jarvis created the concept of complementing a daily yoga practice with homework while healing herself from a serious car accident. Her discoveries provided the foundation of Jedi fight Club style training.

Today Jedi Fight Club has evolved beyond the competitor training model and is now open to all yogis who are interested in exploring deeper yoga asanas, in particular the series of postures know in the hot yoga world as the "Advanced Class." As opposed to the traditional beginner's hot yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, the Advanced Class is not universally accessible. Today the focus of JFC training is on developing the skills that are used in the Advanced Class that are not present in the beginner's class; specifically: arm balancing, leg-over-the-head, lotus and deep back bends.

What will I learn at Jedi Fight Club?

You will learn training techniques for developing handstands, leg-over-the-head asanas, back bends and lotus. You will also learn how to practice an expanded 26&2 class; in other words, you will be taught how to incorporate elements of the Advanced Class into your daily practice. The expanded 26&2 class is JFC's version of an "intermediate class."

At JFC we also cultivate these qualities:
How to be of service to others through your yoga practice (Karma Yoga).
How to develop your postures beyond your perceived limits (Raja Yoga).
Nutritional recommendations for yogis in training, and for a yogi lifestyle.
The defining qualities of Hatha yoga (technique, stillness and breathing), allowing one to practice perfect postures regardless of physical ability.

What's the daily schedule?

-Morning Yoga Class
-3-4 hour "homework" session(s)
-Evening Yoga Class

This is about 6-7 hours of Yoga practice a day so, please make sure you are physically prepared to practice two Bikram classes each day, otherwise your ability to participate will be limited.

The schedule will vary from day to day and clinic to clinic depending on the needs of the group. During the clinic we will likely have field trips and offer demonstrations to the public. Please do not expect to know ahead of time the exact schedule, it will adjust from day to day as necessary.

During the clinic participants are asked not to take on any other commitments so that the yoga practice can be the priority. When you are not on the yoga mat, your time will be spent resting, nourishing yourself, getting bodywork, and getting ready to practice again.

What does my payment include?

-Coaching from Esak Garcia, 2005 Bishnu Ghosh Cup World Champion
-Accommodation for the entirety of the clinic*
-Surprise outings and field trips
-Catered lunch and dinner (certain clinics only)
-Fresh juice daily (certain clinics only)
-Smoothie daily, which includes Raw Power© protein and Synergy© green powder
-Daily Shots of E3Live©, and/or other super food supplements (certain clinics only)
-An opportunity to demonstrate your 3 minute routine to the public (for competitors)

*The accommodation will range from slumber-party style to hotel or retreat center beds. For most clinics we like to arrange 24 hour access to massage from a live-in massage therapist. Accommodations are not provided for JFC weekends. 

What should I know about the food?

When possible, we cater meals so that participants can focus completely on yoga. In addition, when possible we serve daily fresh juices and smoothies. Esak advocates a mostly raw food diet because it enhances flexibility and energy, but there are no strict rules about what you can and cannot eat during Jedi Fight Club. It is highly recommended that you reduce your use and dependence on caffeine and refined sugar before coming so that you will have an easier time working into deeper postures. I recommend 30 days without any caffeine or sugar prior to arriving.

1 strict rule:

Any sort of recreational drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol will not tolerated during this clinic, even when away from the group. You will be asked to leave the clinic immediately for violating this rule.

Payment & Registration?

There is a non-refundable registration fee required to hold your place in the clinic. Registration priority will be given to those who sign up first. Most trainings are limited to 20 participants. The cost of participation, beyond the registration fee, will vary from clinic to clinic.

After you are registered you will begin to receive orientation materials.

Lastly, please remember that the effects of this training are cumulative, and that only sustained practice over time will accomplish profound results. The Coaching Clinic is only an introduction to a way to deepen yoga asanas. The results will be profound if you continue to apply what you learn beyond the clinic.


"The turning point in my practice was the training you gave me. I continue to benefit every day. I was hoping that you saw my wheel and remembered when you taught me that and saw me do it for the first time. It was def a struggle then, now a 'given'". ~ Kim Tang, Palm Springs, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for a great 2 weeks. All of the hard work is definitely paying off as I am feeling stronger than ever, getting closer and even into postures I couldn't a month ago. I feel like I have entered a whole new (fun) world of yoga and I love it." ~ Courtney Hurley, Voorhees, NJ

"I love that I was surrounded by like-minded people. I learned tons at all three of the JFCs I've gone to....After attending JFC I felt extremely confident and ready for competition, and I gained an understanding that allowed me to progress rapidly in asana practice. Esak's training philosophy resurfaces frequently and provides motivation for me as I continue to train." ~ Max Rosenberg, Washington, D.C.