Bikram Yoga Seminars

Dear Yoga Family,

For the past several years I have been conducting 1 and 2 day seminars in yoga studios world wide. My intention is to help new and experienced students find stillness, breathing and power in their postures by demonstrating proper technique and discussing the underlying concepts that are the foundation of Hatha yoga.

These seminars typically begin with an all-levels yoga class in the morning, followed by an afternoon seminar that usually ends around 5pm.

I believe that a regular yoga practice of Hatha yoga, maintained over time is a brilliant way to develop a person's latent potential. It is my pleasure to demonstrate and share what I have learned from practicing yoga since 1994. If you are interested in holding a 1 or 2 day seminar at your local yoga center, please click here to e-mail me.

Gratefully at Your Service,