Bikram Yoga - My guru, international Bikram Yoga headquarters.

Bikram Yoga in Boulder, CO - My family's yoga studio school.

Ghosh College of Physical Education - Where Bikram was trained by Bushnu Ghosh.

Global Yoga, San Francisco, CA - Mary Jarvis, my mentor and coach.

USA Yoga Federation - Working towards membership with the United States Olympic committee. I serve on the USA Yoga Board of Directors.

International Yoga Asana Championship - The official website for the Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup.




Dr. Carolyne "Isis" Fuqua - Master spiritual teacher and founder of the Circles of Light Ministry and the Institute of Ancient Mysteries.

Nika Garcia - Masterful vocalist and my older sister.

Mahalene Louis - Inspiration anchor.

Dan Knudson - Master of mixed media and photography, and a good friend.

Sparlha Swa - Singer/Songwriter, beautiful and inspiring.



Capoeira Arts Cafe - Home of M. Acordeon and Ma. Suelly in Berkeley, California.

Canto Do Galo - M. Galo in Denver, Colorado.