Food & Nutrition 100% Blue Green Algae. It is raw, wild-harvested and extremely potent.

I have been using E3Live since I began to participate in Yoga Asana Championships. To order this amazing product directly from the manufacturer at the lowest pricing available on-line, please click here.

E3Live is 100% pure, fresh-frozen, Blue-Green Algae. This product has 1 ingredient! It is the purest, most potent, living super-food available. It comes to you directly from the source in liquid form. I whole-heartedly endorse this product and recommend it to everyone, especially to athletes and people practicing Bikram yoga.
E3Live: has more chlorophyll then Wheatgrass, is 60% protein (more then any other plant-food), has all the B Vitamins (including B12), has essential omega-3 and Omega-6, has powerful digestive enzymes, has highly effective anti-aging nutrients, provides amino acids, antioxidants, and important minerals. For more information about E3Live or to place an order click here.

Body the inner fillet of raw, organic Aloe Vera juice blended with 9 kinds of wild-harvested sea vegetables, black cherry, honey and stevia.

Body Balance is a part of my daily diet. It is a multi-vitamin and a much needed source of minerals, trace minerals and ultra-trace minerals in the form of whole food. Your body needs minerals to access the vitamins in your food. Minerals are indispensable for life and are surprisingly missing from typical modern diets.

Body Balance is juice and it is delicious. Another great thing about Body Balance is the Aloe-Vera content helps your body stay hydrated. Hydration is a big challenge for fast paced lifestyles, especially if you practice Bikram yoga or you sweat a lot.

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